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Here’s some shots of Ev…Miss preggo…by the TREE.  You are simply stunning Ev.  If only I looked half as good as you when I was pregnant.  But we won’t talk about that.hahaha….

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  • Hey Sanae,
    Thanks for the photo shoot. I thought you did an AWESOME job! I have been so busy with family stuff lately that I’ve neglected to put up pictures from the shoot on my blog. You have some mad skills Sanae- I appreciate you doing this and I hope to return the favor in the upcoming months. You are a great friend and a wonderful photographer. Glad you like the tree! It’s a great find!

  • Beautiful Sanae, Love the first one!

  • Monica Kirkham

    beautiful!!! You’re sooo good!!!

We shot in the rain. It rained the entire shoot. We laughed.  A lot. Jill was so radiantly GORGEOUS.  If it wasn’t so cold and RAINY, I would have shot her ALL day.  You are all probably thinking in your heads why we crazy people decided to still do a photo session in the rain….

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  • Sara Taylor

    amazing photography..and your subject is JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • terri

    I love them! So glad you were able to capture a few and so glad I decided to stay in the car 🙂 Way to go Sanae!

  • Man, you guys are troopers! I’m so glad you didn’t let the rain stop you b/c these are awesome! That favorite of her laughing is my favorite too. So cute! And Jill? I can’t believe you jumped that high pregnant! Now that’s some skill right there.

  • cindi mcgrath

    They turned out awesome! She is super pretty, and you’re super talented! Thanks for letting me tag along. It was fun seeing you in action.

  • Stunning (as usual Sanae)! You have capture the beauty we see in Jill…proud parent moment for me.

  • Jill Holyoak

    Haha – I’m totally laughing that my mom commented. She is in Israel right now. Who checks blogs while traveling in Israel?

  • Amy Carlson

    What a beautiful friend I have! You are stunning! And P.S. I can only imagine the laughter going on…….. love you girls!

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Crystal was visiting family from Cali, so while she was here she asked me to photograph her son Ari & her growing belly! We did a few belly shots, but mostly captured candid moments with her and Ari, which I am so in love with. A beautiful mommy with her gorgeous little boy. Next time…

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