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Been working on this during the holiday break…isn’t she a beauty?!?

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  • Aloha from Hawaii

    You must have a magic camera. Every one of your subjects portrays such beauty, charm, and happiness!

Aubrey & Josh’s wedding is coming up very soon and I can’t wait!  Here’s just a couple of pics featuring Aubrey…you are simply stunning Aubrey.  Can’t wait for you guys’ wedding day!  It will be a blast! A special thank you to Aubrey’s sisters and mom for coming out and helping during the shoot!:) Aubrey’s…

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I am absolutely in love with all the green.  But I hate rain.  Rain and pictures do not mix.  So when we pulled up to our location, it started pouring.  We were contemplating cancelling the shoot, but Victoria had her flowers and everything and we just had to make it work.  So, after a little…

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  • Jill Holyoak

    Dang, that is a pretty girl! Why was I not that cute when I was her age? Great location, Sanigity. You are still da bomb.

  • Hailey

    I love these pictures! You did such a great job!

Joanna is the younger sister of my good friend from back in the BYU days…(S-Hall, 3rd Floor!)  Had to give a little shout out to my girl Kelly!  Anyhoo…I couldn’t get over how stunningly beautiful Joanna is!  I mean…this girl has the perfect silky skin, she’s TINY (totally jealous about that), and she has gorgeous…

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  • Joanna, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! great pics! so excited for the wedding 🙂

  • These are amazing! Sanae you did so great. I love them and she is one lucky bride to have you as her photographer.

  • Beautiful work Sanae!!! She is stunning!

  • Jamie you have an amazing talnet for photographing pregnant women. These look great! I love the pictures with the dogs Makes me wish Frankenstein was in some of my maternity shots

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