Hilary & Mike Engagement | Utah Wedding Photographer

I don’t think I laughed this hard in a long time.  Seriously.  I had a blast with these two love birds.  I mean, Mike’s in a comedy group at BYU so I figure if I’m not laughing than he’s not doing his job, right?!?

Hilary & Mike wanted to do their engagement shoot on BYU campus…where they met and fell in love.  Totally appropriate don’t you think?  I’ve shot a few couples that go to BYU, but this was actually my first time ever to shoot an engagement session on campus.  It was a little interesting shooting there with a bunch of people walking along, but these two were awesome.  We had a good laugh people watching and listening.  There really are some hilarious people walking around campus.

So….a little about this awesome couple.  Hilary & Mike met in a creative writing class.  They are both writers and ENGLISH BUFFS.  I can just picture their future now…Mike, a prestigious professor and Hilary, a big time CHILD/TEEN novelist.  So cool.  They are super witty and really chill.  If I could just sit and hang with them instead of take their pictures, I would have done it in a heart beat.

I heart you guys!

Hilary sure is marrying a LEMON.  hahahaha…I’m so funny.  (Mike’s last name is LEMON, so of course, we had to throw them in there).

Hilary had these totally cute LEMON shirts made.  Aren’t they so adorable?!?  I LOVE IT.

Some library lovin’.

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  • Rebeckah Watkins

    Sanae, once again you have come through for our family! Hilary and Mike were so excited after the shoot; they loved working with you. Every photo is great. How will they choose?

  • These are so fantastic! I grew up with Hilary and our mom’s were best friends! I can’t believe how the time flies! These pictures are so creative and impressive! Great job!!

  • Roberta Pavanelo

    Que fotos lindíssimas e que casal adorável! desejo que sejam muito felizes!